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University essentials!!

So I started this blog and promised myself that I'd blog often and that did not turn out well. For the past few months I've been fighting my arse off for exams I sat a few weeks back in economics and law. Passing these exams would entitle me to an UNCONDITIONAL offer to my DREAM UNI.. Aberystwyth in Wales.. to study Economics....

I passed the exams. 

I am 110% going to uni in September, so now I've decided I need to make some fashion choices on what to bring, as I'll be living in a teeny tiny room and won't have much wardrobe space. I'm also going to try and reinvent myself as I said I would from the beginning of blogging. I am... I want to just look cooler. I've also lost about a stone and half since starting this blog which is great... stress is sometimes positive.

So because I'm moving 4 hours across the border, I have to (kind of) pack light, as I can't really come home much to pick up any stuff I've left behind. This involves my make-up collection too, which I've become a somewhat hoarder of now. So here I'll be talking about 20 Items I WILL be taking with me. Make-up and clothing wise. This is going to be so tricky.

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by geena (follow me fellow polyvore whore's!)

Closet black cocktail dress
I'm going to be an Economics student, so I'll be doing a heck of a lot of business formal meetings and presentations. I feel like a black pencil dress like this is the essential for business woman chic. It's a wardrobe essential as it can be worn dressed up business smart, dressed up with heels and a full                              face of slap for a night out, or with tights and some layering for a nice smart winter look. 

Rag Bone open knit sweater
I'm a MASSIVE fan of both monochrome, and sweaters, so this would be the perfect jumper. I'm not very capable of colour blocking on my own so I feel like this would get me style points in that department whilst I'm being perfectly lazy.

Long sleeve top
Again with a sweater, but this looks more like a casual sweater I could just throw over me after a dance class or gym session. I've been lusting for this particular jumper in a while, but it's always been sold out when I have money... boo!

Shirts top
Every girl NEEDS a plaid shirt. Nice and oversized so it can be worn as a layering piece, or over some leggings with some trainers for a nice 9am lecture. I'm manically browsing through charity shops at the moment for a similar one, to no such luck. :(

Topshop white camisole
Pretty much a wardrobe essential. I HATE my shoulders, but I find these tops are fairly flattering. I'd still always wear a jacket over it, but they are cute and again, can be dressed up or down. 

H M long short sleeve shirt
Being an economics student you kind of need a 'go to' shirt. I love love thin horizontal stripes, they kind of remind me of the shirts my dad would wear to work. It would look so cute semi tucked into a pencil skirt for a business-chic look. 

Alexander Wang biker jacket
I AM DESPERATELY HUNTING FOR A JACKET LIKE THIS IN CHARITY SHOPS AT THE MOMENT. I love Leather Jackets, I own 4 leather jackets and they never seem to be enough. Mine are all quite snug fitting, I want a massive oversized one so I can layer up - Wales is cold you know! 

Oasis beige jacket
Camel never goes out of trend... fact. Blazer's kind of pull an outfit together, I'm an advocate for this cause. A Camel blazer seems like a really 'classy' look, and I think that's the look I may go for whilst at uni. 

American Eagle Outfitters ripped jeans
When mastering this set I didn't realise these were ripped jeans.. but still. Classic darkish blue denim jeans, again a wardrobe essential. I have thighs that could kill a man so I feel that darker denim slims them down a bit more and makes me look less mutant and more human. Because the town I'm going                        to for uni is overrun by pubs, this would pull together a nice outfit for a pub drinking session rather                        than the tight mini-dresses people seem to fancy.

American Eagle Outfitters clothing
Black Skinny Jeans are my wardrobe essential. I currently wear the Joni Jeans by Topshop in Black and I'm so in love with them, so ideally I'd just bring them to uni, but I couldn't be bothered to search for them through my items. Black Jeans are the essential to life.

Pieces slim fit pants
Leggings are another essential, for me anyway. I'm a gym bunny, and a lazy person as well (what a contradiction) so these are the PERRRFECT item that can look very nice with a long oversized shirt, or very laid back with a massive hoody, some dirty old trainers and a 'do not talk to me' expression.

Peplum skirt
Business-chic. If Kim Kardashian can rock these with her thighs, I think mine can look fairly okay in a bodycon skirt. I find they look really sexy without being provocative, as long as they aren't too tight and showing every unsightly bulge on your body.

Asos sneaker
These are so in fashion right now and I love them. I tried on the Topshop pair and they are so comfy. Plus, slip on shoes are excellent, I hate spending about ten minutes loosening and tightening my converse laces. I love you Chucks, but you do not make for a quick exit. (I'm a hi-top girl!)

Topshop patent leather slingback shoes
I have huge feet, (Size 6) so I'll probably chicken out of buying these due to the pointed toe, but they are adorable for a presentation or even for a night out. I love the sling back look, and the patent leather just adds to an outfit. Am I weird in loving patent leather over matte leather or?

H&M ankle booties
I will be living in West Wales.. by the Sea, so I think boots are an essential. Chelsea boots are what I see as a 'posh girls' boot, but they're actually very comfortable and can be worn in many ways, not just horse riding. 

Rochas black leather purse
No matter what style you have, every girl needs a black tote. Perfect for chucking all your essentials in, big enough to chuck a few terrifyingly massive textbooks in, yet stylish enough to not make you want to hide at the thought of someone seeing you lugging it about. The only downside would be                          the tiny straps, but that can be worked around or fixed. Still prowling for one a la charity shops. 

Green scarve
Scarves can make or break an outfit. Tartan is my favorite print, ever I think? (Except Hounds tooth) so these go so well together. Tied onto a bag or wrapped around your neck, they replace the fiddly-ness of necklaces.

Laura Mercier eyeshadow brush
If I wear eyeshadows, I only ever wear nude shades, so this Laura Mercier set seems perfect for me. It could also double up as eyebrow powder due to me being blessed (more like cursed) with naturally dark eyebrows. Kind of like a 2 in 1 room saving product. But I have my NAKED Basics palette for                           this purpose.

Urban Decay beauty product
I swear by this stuff. It's quite a light formula, and it has a fairly light coverage, but it looks beautiful and covers up the flaws in my skin. I have very patchy red skin on my cheeks, well not patchy but you can understand. When I'm wearing this you would not notice. Only downside is the price,                                   rebuying it each month. If anybody knows any cheaper solutions let me know!

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