Monday, 30 December 2013

2014's Fashion Resolutions

As my first official blog post coincides with the changing of the calendar, I decided to mix up the two huge events in my life and thus, this post is born. I'm setting myself 5 Resolutions or Challenges to try in the New Year.

1) Build up a make-up collection.
Prior to Christmas, my daily makeup routine consisted of a cheap foundation and mascara, and getting my eyebrows tinted every two weeks. 
For Christmas this year I received a MAC Lipstick, a Urban Decay Eyeliner and the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette and over the past 5 days, it's somewhat given me some more confidence. 
My resolution is going to be to utilise my access to make-up tutorial videos and learn how to apply make-up that doesn't look like a 5 year old did it, and to also build up my make-up collection of good make-ups. 
Good bye Tesco Value Ivory foundation, it's been good whilst it lasted.

2) Document the outfits I wear.
I am useless with any form of camera work. My photographic experience consists of drunken selfies and half-assed attempts at taking pictures of my pets. 
So to both contribute to my blog and my media skills (whichmay come in handy in the future) I'm going to start documenting the outfits I've put together, or the clothes I've bought or made.
It seems like such a trivial thing for most teenage girls, but I am so terrible at taking pictures its crazy. 
I'm going to become a technological goddess (maybe)

3) Try new trends.
I've always dreamt of wearing the beautiful outfits I put together on polyvore, and I guess over the past 6 months I have started to actually put them to practise more, but trends have always frightened me. My wardrobe has always consisted of multiple pairs of blue jeans, god knows how many pairs of converse/vans and every single band t-shirt under the sun. After having a wardrobe clear-out and send-off to charity, I've left myself with: 0 pairs of blue jeans. 3 pairs of converse. 2 pairs of vans. 3 band t shirt's. Talk about cutting down eh. So my resolution is to not build that collection up again, but to build up a new collection of age-appropriate, fashion forward outfits. 

4) Try a new hair style.
Ever since I can remember my hair has always been long and wavy, sometimes with a fringe and sometimes without and that's the epitome of variety for me. On New Years Eve (tomorrow) I'm going to get my hair cut just past shoulder length, and in the following weeks I'm going to decide on and then change the colour of it. For some people this is a weekly occurence, but the last time I went to a salon for a haircut was two years ago. Spooky stuff.

5) Post every day / every other day. 
Since I was a little girl I'd start either writing journals, blogs or diaries and tell everyone I'd write daily. Three days later and I'd have entirely lost all motivation towards the idea and end up deleting the blog or throwing out the diaries. This time it's different... Hopefully.

Well that's my new years resolutions. Seeing as this is my first post and I don't have any followers (come on Mum, hurry up and follow me and make me look cool!) I am 99% sure no-one will make a response to this post, but if you're from a year on from now and I've managed to hit 5 followers, comment and tell me what your new years resolutions are/were. 

Bisous xoxo

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